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Puglia in Rosé

Who we are

The Association

We value rose wine

Puglia in Rosé is the first Association of producers dedicated to rosé wines of Puglia and was created to share, together with the Apulian wineries and commercial and institutional partners, the path of enhancement of rosé wine Pugliese.

To achieve this goal, the Association organizes events and prepares promotional activities aimed at trade in national and international markets. The objectives are to:

  • to qualify the image of Puglia’s rosé wines as Made in Italy products of excellence;
  • promote business opportunities abroad for Apulian operators;
  • give impetus to the international promotion activities of the Puglia brand.
Caterina Baldini (Presidente di Puglia in Rosè) e Lucia Nettis
(Fondatore di Puglia i Rosè e Direttore Tecnico)

Puglia in Rosé


Over the years Puglia in Rosé has built a network of producers and winemakers that has allowed us to bring up this particular and beloved type of winemaking. Thanks to our internationalization activities we have reached several foreign markets. Cities such as New York, Miami , London, Geneva, have hosted many of our events, demonstrating a growing interest in the Apulian Rosés.

The participation in the most important trade fairs has allowed us to weave numerous relationships with institutions and with important international players.  A deep knowledge of the subject and the context of reference allow us to make the most of our Rosati, remaining on the one hand anchored to traditions but also knowing how to adapt to changes, taking advantage of future opportunities.

Updating and research are an integral part of our work and it is from these that the desire to communicate Rosé Wine in a new and modern key was born.  This commitment has been reflected in the activities of Wine tasting, Master Class, B2B and online seminars with Master of Wine and in the implementation of digital services aimed at creating an intense network of foreign importers, journalists from major international newspapers, wineblogger and winelovers.

Puglia in Rosé


Authenticity, quality, and innovation are the values that guide us. Our goal is to consolidate the image of Puglia as a producer of the best Rosé Wine in the world and to make known the aromas, aromas, and structure of our unique roses


The Color of rose wines covers nuances ranging from pale pink, barely perceptible, to clear red very transparent.


Red flowers, violets, roses, black fruit, red, plums, raspberries, cherries, but also tertiary aromas given by the aging in wood.


Composition of soil, microclimates, grapes, production methods and cultivation are declined in wines with different nuances.


With the right agronomic practices and the right attention in the cellar, you can get rosé wines of remarkable quality.

Rosato Lifestyle

History, tradition, quality

The numbers of rosé wine are clear: the trend is growing. It is not a fashion but a growing consumer interest in this type of wine. Wine is increasingly acquiring a role of conviviality. For us, rose wine is not a mere consumer product but a real lifestyle. Its freshness and its bright color are a symbol of our local elegance. Its scent and its overwhelming taste are great to accompany moments and experiences.