Enoturismo & Incoming

Enoturismo & Incoming

Discover Puglia and its wineries

An essential part of the activity of the Puglia in Rosé Association is that of wine tourism. Over the years, thanks to the collaboration with the National Tourism Agency ENIT, based in New York and London, we have organized numerous Incoming. Journalists, tour operators of Wine & Food and influencers had the opportunity to visit Puglia in a unique and special way. They were offered an experiential tourism: they not only enjoyed the beauty of the region, but they were also involved in activities at our wineries, getting to the heart of wine production.

Puglia in Rosé Academy

We spread the culture of rose wine around the world

The Puglia in Rosé Association has a twofold objective: to help Apulian wineries to grow and to affirm our rosé Pugliese as the best on the international market and to inform curious, wine lovers, students and professionals. Rosé wine is not only a wine product, but also a cultural one; in fact, it is an integral part of our territory and our culture, as well as being an enological product of inestimable value.

Since 2018, the Puglia in Rosé Association is also dedicated to the “Educational” sector. With the collaboration of important American universities, such as Cornell University, Yale University and Paul Smith College, we organized lessons for students focused on different topics related to Apulia and Apulia rosé wines. We also collaborate with the sommeliers and Master of Wine of the WSET group, to the realization of wine tasting and online meetings that, like a real meeting at the fair, offer the opportunity to make known the companies and wines. During these meetings, we provide specific information on production, geographical denominations, quantities and availability, all in the presence of international importers and journalists.


The Color of rose wines covers nuances ranging from pale pink, barely perceptible, to clear red very transparent.


Red flowers, violets, roses, black fruit, red, plums, raspberries, cherries, but also tertiary aromas given by the aging in wood.


Composition of soil, microclimates, grapes, production methods and cultivation are declined in wines with different nuances.


With the right agronomic practices and the right attention in the cellar, you can get rosé wines of remarkable quality.

Rosato Lifestyle

History, tradition, quality

The numbers of rosé wine are clear: the trend is growing. It is not a fashion but a growing consumer interest in this type of wine. Wine is increasingly acquiring a role of conviviality. For us, rose wine is not a mere consumer product but a real lifestyle. Its freshness and its bright color are a symbol of our local elegance. Its scent and its overwhelming taste are great to accompany moments and experiences.